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Confitures extras au sucre de canne

100% made out of fruits

Confitures extras au sucre de canne

Confitures allégées en sucres BIO 100% issues de fruits.

More Fruits, Less Sugar

Organic Compotes with pieces of fruits

Organic Jams with cane sugar

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Maison Fortwenger, more than 200 years of experience.

Loving good gingerbread and enjoying sharing it has been a Risch family affair for two generations.

In 1768, the young Charles Fortwenger, a master baker, opened a workshop making tasty gingerbread in Gertwiller. Two centuries later, Fortwenger’s famous gingerbread is still made with respect for the traditions of its founder: quality ingredients, a little pinch of greed….and a large measure of expertise!

Preparation of the mother dough, shaping of the various pieces, baking, and hand decoration with coloured sugar: these are the skills that require a lightness of touch and a love of the craft.