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Karabelas S.A. superior quality fruit

Karabelas S.A. superior quality fruit

Karabelas S.A. superior quality fruit

Karabelas S.A. superior quality fruit

Karabelas S.A. superior quality fruit

Karabelas S.A. superior quality fruit

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Professional prosperity in exports


The History of our Company begins 35 years ago, i.e. in 1988, when the ambitious dreams of Georgios Karabelas began with the Foundation of the Company.
From the beginning it aimed very high since the Company managed to conquer within a reasonable time a dominant position in the fruit and vegetable trade.


A decisive role in these ambitious dreams was played by the presence and assistance of his brothers, especially Dimitrios Karabelas who very quickly conquered foreign markets and increased the volume of both imported and exported products.


The presence of the second generation with the succession of the Company by Konstantinos Karabela and his sisters, Maria Karabela – Legal Advisor and Aikaterini Karabela – Head of Human Resources Management, the Company adds to its history new successes and opens new horizons, while the role of Georgiou Karabela continues to be decisive to this day since he guarantees the continuation of the tradition of good reputation, reliability and the prestige that our Company has created both in the domestic market and in the foreign markets.

The main activity of our Company is the receipt of fruits and vegetables directly from the producer from all over Greece, their processing, packaging and distribution both in the internal market and in foreign markets.

Our company, after a course of many years, today holds a leading role in the field of import – export trade of fruits and vegetables.

The goal of our Company is the provision of high quality certified products, the continuous upgrading and improvement of our facilities and the reliable distribution of products.


At the top of the Greek products that our company sells today are oranges, peaches and kiwis, while together with apples, pears, grapes, tangerines, apricots, nectarines, lemons, etc. they make up the bulk of the products it exports.
The volume of exports today exceeds the volume that our Company trades in the domestic market. From the first years of our company’s establishment, we started importing fruit from Latin America, Africa and China, products which we package and re-export, while our company distributes a part of them in the Greek market.
The movement of the products in the internal and external market is done by our privately owned fleet facilitating the immediate and safe delivery of the products to the final destinations


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